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A year of Flamingo Paperie

Rachel joined my team in January 2021 and has now had a year of Flamingo Paperie. She wanted to compliment her existing healthcare business (which is mainly Neal’s Yard Remedies) with cards and gift wrap. She felt she needed to make her business different. To make it more special and offer a complete gift package to customers.

Rachel’s first year of Flamingo Paperie

So I caught up with Rachel to find out how it all started and how Flamingo has benefitted her over the past year. Have a watch and listen and let Rachel inspire you to earn more when you add Flamingo Paperie to your life.

What Rachel really brought out to me was how relaxed she is about it all. I know Rachel has worked hard to get her Flamingo business off the ground. She is very focussed and has been very successful. She’s grown her customer base and seen her team grow with new team members too. Yet she’s really quite chilled! As she says herself it’s about sharing what’s already a fabulous, beautiful bundle of quality, affordable cards, gift wrap and stationery.

How will you make Flamingo Paperie work for you?

However you decide to fit Flamingo in to your life, I’m here with the rest of my team to support you to do your business, your way.

If like Rachel you already run a home biz then Flamingo Paperie could help you grow your business. Maybe you have a skincare, health, beauty, mindfulness or therapy biz? Or perhaps you supply gifts and homeware?

What makes your biz more special than everyone else who’s selling the same thing?

I am finding more and more people joining my Flamingo team to enhance their existing business. They are now offering the ‘full package’ by adding cards and gift wrap.

🎁 The complete gift experience 🎁

Flamingo Paperie FAQs

If you’d like to find out more about Rachel’s business you can visit her at

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