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Are these Chelsea Flower Show Worthy?

Sustainable and plastic free at the Chelsea Flower Show and close to home

Lindum's Wildflower Turf at the Chelsea Flower Show
Lindum’s Wildflower Turf – Winner of the RHS Chelsea Sustainable Gardening Product of the Year 2023

This is not my garden! The photo above is actually of Lindum Wildflower Turf at the Chelsea Flower Show, which is the first to be grown without plastic matting earning it the prize of RHS Chelsea Sustainable Gardening Product of the Year 2023.

At Cards and Gift Wrap we are all for sustainability and plastic free, which is why we have our own range of plastic free paper tape…and we also love flowers!

So this week, while we’re all in awe of the blooms at Chelsea I thought I’d do a little focus on some of our favourite floral artists.

Fresh Flowers at Tatams

Claire Henley

Claire is well known for her coastal and floral designs, has been a firm favourite throughout Phoenix Trading and Flamingo Paperie and I am delighted to find her cards are available through the Eco-friendly Card Company too so her cards will be available to you for years to come at Cards and Gift Wrap.

Nicola Evans

Nicola doesn’t just do flowers and she’s one of those illustrators who is so versatile that sometimes her work isn’t instantly recognisable, if you know what I mean.

But her flower bouquets and patterns are always popular.

Pink Orchids

Summertime Vibes Birthday

Jane Morgan

Jane Morgan is new to Cards and Gift Wrap but we instantly fell in love with her wildflower canvases of beauty.

Jane’s cards are available with words on the front or usually with a blank alternative – I’d love to know which you prefer?

Sally Rich

Also new to Cards and Gift Wrap is Sally Rich. Her cards are all without words but full to bursting with bright and cheerful colours.

Floral cards are so versatile and are great to keep in your card box as they can be used for so many occasions and for anyone.


Winging their way through the postal system to me right now are some of my own floral designs with Gaelic words on them – I was even featured recently in an article for PGBuzz (the greetings card industry magazine). You can read more about that here.

Growing your own!

Meanwhile I potter about in my ‘crub. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll already have seen my strawberry (yes singular – so far!)…is there anything more satisfying than growing your own?

Happy gardening and may the wonders of the Chelsea Flower Show inspire you!

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December Special Offer

Free stuff for the rest of the year!

All this will be yours when you place your end-of year order for your last-minute Christmas cards, wrap and gifts from my online Flamingo Paperie shop. We are sending all orders received from today by courier to guarantee*(as much as possible!) that your order will not be delayed by the current Royal Mail industrial action.

If you’re already organised for Christmas, think of all those birthdays that get overlooked during the Christmas festivities. After all, who needs two major celebrations in December? The 5,591,666 people (180,376 a day) who have birthdays that get overshadowed by Christmas every single year…!

Who do you know with a December birthday? Choose 10 of our greeting cards for just £1.90 each (save £5) and make someone’s (birth)day!

Offer runs from 6 December to 31 December 2022.  Last order date for pre-Christmas delivery is Sunday 18 December.
Copyright © 2022 Flamingo Paperie Limited, All rights reserved.

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Val Goldfinch

Val Goldfinch is one of my favourite artists. Not only because her illustrations are beautiful, often of nature or childhood memories. Many of them have also been made in to jigsaws, and I am a self-confessed puzzle addict! So here is a bit more about Val and her designs.

Val Goldfinch has lived in Towcester for over 25 years and has painted since childhood. She trained in Graphic Design at Nene College, but now concentrates on her distinctive and detailed watercolours. Val produces a wide variety of work for both personal commissions and worldwide publication.

Val specializes in combining several images in one painting especially with a theme featuring images in alphabetical order often specific to a town or an area. Her favourite subjects include buildings, inside and out, gardens, nature, seaside and local scenes.

Val Goldfinch cards

Many of Val’s illustrations have been made in to cards by Flamingo Paperie.

Which is your favourite? Please share in the comments below.

Val Goldfinch Jigsaws

Some of Val’s best known illustrations are the ones that have been made in to jigsaws. Often from her alphabetical style and always on a theme, these are (from personal experience) like doing lots of mini jigsaws inside one big one. Full of little details, often with evocative memories, these are delightful for avid puzzlers and beginners alike. Quality jigsaws made in the UK by Gibsons. Available from Cards and Gift Wrap here.

Val Goldfinch advent calendar

For a real treat, you need to have the Winter Alphabet advent calendar, illustrated by Val. A traditional advent calendar with 24 doors to open. Beautifully illustrated on the outside and with individual illustrations behind each door.

Winter Alphabet Advent Calendar by Val Goldfinch
Winter Alphabet Advent Calendar illustrated by Val for Flamingo Paperie

More information

If you’d like to find out more about Val’s work, commission a piece or contact her then visit her website.

You’ll also find her on Facebook and I know from experience that she’d love you to message her and tell her how much you love her work or how much you’ve enjoyed doing one of her jigsaws. It would make her day!

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Happy Days!

Big Day across mainland Scotland today I am so lucky to have an online shop as well as my bricks-and-mortar garage pop up. How exciting that sooo many shops are able to open again today across Scotland. Today is a good day! (and I am sitting in my wee pop up as I write this!) Let’s hope for even more Happy Days to come.

Spring Cards Bundle

Spring Bundle

Need a quick card top up?

How about a beautiful bundle of 10 spring themed cards that could be used for any occasion.

20% off and free UK delivery. Grab your bundle now »

The Happy Newspaper

Happy News – Happy Days

I often get asked to send The Happy News as a gift – here’s what one customer who did just that said:

Just been wanting to say thank you so much for all your time and efforts in making the post as lovely as possible for the receiver.  The happy newspaper and the colourful envelopes, stickers and handwritten note were very appreciated – they all sent me photos! Also, I thought you’d find it funny to know my dad got the Pierce Brosnan stamp!

Yep – sometimes I have to lick James Bond to send your orders – it’s tough but someone has to do it! Give the gift of Happy News »

Coming Soon…

I got a very sneaky peek at the new Flamingo Paperie cards coming in May.

61 new cards and a new flowers craft kit (Californian Poppies – of all colours and looks amazing!).

I’ll have brochures towards the end of the month but if you’re in my Club I’ll email you the online brochure and link as soon as I have it.

Have a good week – hope the sun shines like it did over the weekend – wasn’t it gorgeous?!

Janet xx

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Spring is here!

Spring and Easter

It’s officially Spring and Easter is just around the corner.

And here are some beautiful Easter Shakies (middle picture) and some packs of smaller Easter cards from James Ellis. James Ellis have made a commitment to go 100% plastic free. Not only are the shakies now fully recyclable, the packs of smaller cards come in card wallets instead of plastic cellos – hurrah!!!

And it’s not just cards! If you’d like to send someone a Spring or Easter gift to make them smile then there are some lovely gift items as well as cards. The Wrendale gardening journal is a great place to start. OR perhaps you’d like a rabbit papercraft kit, a Sally Swannell Hen House mug, a Daffodils and Ducklings jigsaw or a rabbit face covering!

Best Sticker Ever?

I like to design stickers but I don’t think any of my designs will come close to this sticker I received yesterday.

There is hope!

What’s inside?

You asked what was inside the new Flamingo Paperie notebooks…

Have a great week!

Janet xx

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My Etsy 2020 Gift Guide

No doubt 2020 has been a difficult year for many independent artists. Many of them sell on Etsy so here’s my guide to the artists I know on Etsy and some of my favourites from their ranges.

Tree Rex Christmas card

Citrus Bunn specialises in quirky pun based illustrations. The Tree Rex is one of hers and my best sellers.
Look out too for Moled Wine and Polar Beer, also available as coasters.

Jessica Hogarth specialises in coastal scenes but also her London designs are fabulous and so evocative at Christmas.

Alison Hullyer does fabulous Christmas cards but she also does the most beautiful tea towels and coasters. This goldfinch teatowel is one of my favourites.

Amanda Loverseed’s designs are well known and her cross stitch kits would make the ultimate gift for your craft friends. Here’s the cut thru Nativity Cross Stitch Kit but there are lots more to choose from.

If you love stationery and notebooks (and let’s face it you can never have too many!) then you’ll love Klara Hawkins notebooks. Here is a set of two A6 Boho Birds Notebooks but they also come in A5 sizes too.

Wrendale Designs are always popular in my shop and with the fabrics they make there are some beautiful creations on Etsy including this robin mask.

If you like Fabrics and home furnishings then you’ll love Karen Tye Bentley’s designs on fabric. The Sugar and Spice range is a lovely range.

Kate Mawsley does some of the most delicate illustrations you’ll find and as everyone needs a Christmas mug I think this was a great find. Exquisitely called ‘Little Bits of Christmas‘ this is a quality Dunoon mug.

And as if that’s not enough there’s a fabulous Etsy guide to the best Christmas Cards available.

Please note I am an Etsy affiliate and may receive reward if you purchase anything through one of my links but this is at no cost to you. All opinions within this article are my own.

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Flamingo Paperie FAQs

Flamingo Paperie FAQs

**UPDATE** As of June 2023 Flamingo Paperie has closed. While we are very sad to have lost such a wonderful supplier with its range of very talented artists we are delighted to still be able to offer some Flamingo Paperie products on here and many of the same artists through work they have licensed via other suppliers. If there is a Flamingo Paperie product of old that you are trying to locate please ask us by emailing we will always do our best to find what you need.

I thought you might find it useful to see some of the most common Flamingo Paperie FAQs that I get asked. Of course if you have any other questions please just ask.

Flamingo Paperie FAQs


Q: How much does it cost to join?
A:We have three Special Offer Starter Packs, priced at £45 for PACK1, £95 for PACK2 and £200 for PACK3. For further information.

Q: Can I register to be an Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner over the phone?
A: No.

Q: Does my agreement need to be signed by my sponsor?
A: No it is not essential.

Q: Can my daughter (who is 17) become a Flamingo Partner?
A: No, you have to be at least 18 to become a Flamingo Partner.

Q: Do I have to be VAT registered if I would like to become an Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner?
A: No, you only need to register for VAT when your ‘taxable supplies’ exceed the statutory limit – currently £85,000.

Q: Can I place an order for extra items when I join?
A: Yes you may order extra items and we will ship everything together provided the total is under the statutory limit of £200 that you can spend with us in your first seven days.

Q: How long will it take for my Starter Pack to arrive?
A: We will normally ship your Starter Pack the day after receiving payment. We ship on a next day delivery basis to addresses on the UK mainland except the Highlands of Scotland where deliveries normally take 2-3 days.

Q: Do you require a minimum amount to be spent in order to use a debit/credit card?
A: No.

Q: How much will I pay for delivery of my orders?
A: We have the following two rates:

  1. A flat rate of £6 (incl VAT), regardless of the order size, for a next day courier service (from shipping date).
  2. A Letterbox Card Pack rate of £3 (incl. VAT) which is for up to 25 greetings cards only. This pack will be sent via Royal Mail and is specially designed to fit through an average letterbox; delivery will be one to two days (from shipping date). We know that there is always going to be a need to place last minute orders and this Letterbox Card Pack will allow you to make those emergency top up card orders to keep your customers happy and give you tighter control of your business.

Q: How long do orders take to arrive?
A: We will ship your order no later than the 4th working day after receipt. However, please note that there are some areas within the UK where it is not possible to have your order delivered on the next working day.

Q: Can I advertise on the internet or in publications?
A: Any advertising or promotion, direct or indirect, must be approved by one of the company directors. Permission to advertise on internet trading sites such as eBay is always refused. When Partners advertise without our authority, there is a real danger that, inadvertently, claims are made about our proposition which misrepresent the offer and do not comply with the statutory notices that someone promoting a direct selling business needs to adhere to. There is also an issue of artist’s copyright where images are used without permission. It is in the interests of the Company, and all Independent Flamingo Paperie Partners, for the Company to protect its brand and reputation. As far as the internet is concerned, all Partner activity must therefore be influenced by the principles set out in our Fact Sheet 2: Principles for use of the internet.

Q: Can I sell to shops?
A: In the UK, we operate only as a direct selling business and do not supply any retail outlets, although as a company we are approached regularly by shop proprietors. We think that sales through shops would create conflict between distribution channels and we make a clear statement in our literature that our products are available exclusively through Independent Flamingo Partners who operate a direct to consumer service, with the exception of our guest range from Emotional Rescue that can also be found in retail outlets.

Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: No, you may order as much or as little as you want.

Q: Do I have to order every month?
A: No, you order whenever you want. There are no requirements to reach monthly sales targets unless you wish to earn extra bonuses. We have Partners who join for the sole purpose of fundraising for their chosen charity for three months a year and we have Partners who, from day one, structure their business to take full advantage of all the reward benefits extra sales can bring.

Q: Do I have to purchase a specific amount of products each month?
A: No, you can order as much or as little as you wish. To qualify for bonus payments, however, you need to meet the volume criteria in the months in which you wish to be paid bonuses.