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Know Your Native Bluebells

We have lots of native, UK, bluebells and Spanish bluebells in the wild but did you know we also have a lot of hybrids?

Does it matter if our bluebells are native or not?

We have lots of native, UK, bluebells and Spanish bluebells in the wild but did you know we also have a lot of hybrids? I shared the Wildlife Trust identification guide to my Facebook page last week and it got a big response.

The full guide from the wildlife trust explains simply and clearly what difference it makes and what to plant in your garden. If you want to know more then click here.

I love bluebells. First we get daffodils that herald the start of spring then the tulips come out in all their colours and after that the bluebells seem to tell us that it’s May and often here in the Outer Hebrides that’s when we get the best weather. As I write this there isn’t a cloud in the sky, it’s the 1st of May and already I’ve heard people this morning in Stornoway saying it’s ‘too hot’!

So it’s not surprising that we love cards with bluebells on them too. One of these popping through your letterbox would make anyone smile.

Bluebells on Cards

There are a few bluebells on cards and these four above are my favourite:

From top to bottom, left to right:

Sunrise Bluebells by Julia Crossland
Wrendale Hedgehog seed card (contains wildflower seeds, not bluebell bulbs!)
Misty Blue by Jane Morgan
May by John Donaldson

The Misty Blue by Jane Morgan is also available in a similar design as a sympathy card.

Another lovely selection of cards from Janet, arrived really quickly and wrapped well as always. At just £2 per card if you buy 10 or more this is really good value for money.

Lynne, happy customer, Trustpilot

Wrendale Designs have a stunning Woodland Anniversary card with bluebells, hares, deer and foxes. And…last years Wrendale Family Calendar had bluebells on the front and if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll see what I’ve done with mine….ok, go on then, I’ll show you here too lol.

I chopped it up!!!

Now I have lots of beautiful notecards (though I’m really thinking of framing some) and some ‘don’t forget’ lists to help me try and be more organised. Sadly this year’s calendar (as well as last year’s!) is sold ou. However, I already have the 2025 Wrendale calendars in stock. Use them, then in 2026 you can repurpose them into beautiful notecards or framed prints.
I hope you are getting some bluebells out near you. I did see some Spanish ones in our local woodland at the Lews Castle Grounds but I’m fairly sure there weren’t any native ones. I will be looking closer next time as I really hope to find some.

I’d love to see pictures of bluebells near you. Who knows you might inspire me to design a card from your photograph! You can send them to me via Instagram or Whatsapp.
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