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MLM vs Affiliate Marketing

Fun With Technology

I was intrigued by a review of Phoenix Trading that I found online the other day. What intrigued me most was that the reviewer wasn’t a Phoenix Trader and never had been. Furthermore he had admitted that he had never actually even seen a Phoenix card.

As I read on it was clear that he was using Phoenix as an MLM company (Multi-level marketing) to promote his own affiliate marketing proposal.

I thought this was pretty underhanded and certainly wouldn’t attract me to his offer. (At least he didn’t accuse us of pyramid selling!)

But what I found quite amusing was that he was arguing that MLM companies didn’t work because

a – you have to recruit

b – you have to hold the stock of what you’re selling, ie you can’t just do it online

…whereas in his opinion, affiliate marketing is better because you can just sell online without holding any stock yourself and without having to recruit to make money.

Well you see, the thing with Phoenix is – if you want to do marketing without recruiting or holding stock then you can actually do that with Phoenix! So really you have both options with Phoenix Trading because it offers that flexibility.

There is no obligation to sell from your stock, you can have an ecommerce website that is fulfilled by the company and you could market that purely online and get 20% from each sale. You don’t have to make a minimum each month or anything, for every order, however small, you get 20%.

Fun With TechnologySo, if you’re not sure whether to do MLM or affiliate marketing, look for a company that offers both options with no minimum targets, that way you can have the benefits of both and won’t be stuck with one way.

Just a thought!

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