Smile kraft Recyclable paper tape


Self adhesive kraft paper parcel tape
100% recyclable
‘Your order made me smile, I hope this package makes you smile too’

Each roll 50m by 48mm

Why not combine with Coloured kraft paper rollwrap?

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If you’re a small business sending parcels through the post and want to use an environmentally friendly packaging tape then here’s your answer. Smile kraft paper tape will keep your boxes and parcels secure and it is 100% recyclable. It looks really pretty and tells your customer how much you appreciate them.

I know how much I smile each time I receive an order, I really do hope that the customer receiving their order smiles too.

Smile kraft paper tape

Each roll is 50m long and 48mm wide to securely hold your parcels together. So whether you’re sending an advent calendar or notebooks this tape will make sure your gift arrives safe and sound.

  • 100% recyclable tape, environmentally-friendly paper-based solution
  • Self-adhesive paper tape – no water needed for activation, forms a strong, long lasting, highly adhesive bond
  • Strong resistance to moisture and humidity
  • Super-stickty – sticks to all carton surfaces and is 100% recyclable
  • Recycle in the paper recycling bin

If you like recyclable paper then you’ll love our gift wrap, find out which gift wrap is recyclable. All our kraft paper rolls are fully compostable and biodegradable too!

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