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National Nest Box Week – Win a nest box!



It’s National Nest Box Week!

For National Nest Box Week we’re giving you the chance to win!

National Nest Box Week
A beautiful cedar nest box, a packet of 18 ‘Chunky Dumplings’, and a dozen of our bestselling greeting cards, featuring a flock of fabulous, feathered friends
(Worth over £60)
A dozen of our bestselling bird-inspired greeting cards
(Worth £22.80)
Half a dozen of our bestselling bird-inspired greeting cards
(Worth £14.40)

To be in with a chance, submit an original photo of a bird/birds in your neighbourhood, an original artwork, write an original bird-inspired poem, or share an original anecdote. We will put the shortlisted submissions online for you, our 17,000+ strong Customer Club members, alongside our 2000 Partners, to vote for the winning entries.
In case you need any persuuasion – just look at this!
Details of the prizes
The nest box is made exclusively from long-lasting cedar sourced from expertly managed Canadian forests. The timber ages naturally and attractively and, at 19mm thickness, gives excellent insulation and strength, tempting generations of birds into your garden. This beautiful box is ruggedly built using Canadian cedar from managed forests that weathers attractively and lasts for years without the need for preservatives or varnishing.  Ideal for Great, Blue, Marsh and Coal Tits; Redstart; Nuthatch; Pied Flycatcher; House and Tree Sparrow Or, you could choose an open-fronted version more suitable for Wrens, Robins and Flycatchers  Chunky Dumplings are a ‘better kind of fat ball’!

All submissions must be your original work.  The initial shortlist will be selected by the three directors and the final winners will be decided by our Partners and Customer Club members.

The deadline for submissions is midnight, UK time, Monday 28th February.  The shortlist for voting will be made available on 7th March and the winners will be notified during week commencing 21st March.  By submitting an entry, you agree that Flamingo Paperie may use your submission for the purposes of publicity. No purchase is necessary to enter the competition.

To learn more about National Nest Box Week, and the work of the RSPB, check out the following links:

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National Bird Day

National Bird Day

With January 5th being National Bird Day in the U.S. and the British RSPB Garden Bird Survey taking place at the end of January I thought it was a good time to highlight some bird facts.

Do you know your National Bird?

Popular Birds Kate MawdsleyI have to confess I wasn’t sure what the National Bird of Britain was. Then I looked it up and  remembered that the public had been asked recently and they decided it should be the Robin.

We have a very friendly Robin in our garden. I’d love to know where they nest because I think ours has a home in the stone gabion wall next to our property, not in a tree. Is that usual for Robins?

England and Northern Ireland don’t have a National Bird but Wales does; the Red Kite (unofficially), Scotland’s is the Golden Eagle.

Blackbird Hilary JohnsonThe National Bird of the U.S. is of course the Bald Eagle. Did you know that the National Bird of Sweden is the Blackbird? The Blackbird is one of my personal favourites. If I thought the Robin in our garden was tame then the blackbird is positively domesticated as it actually follows me round outside!

Why National Bird Day?

When you look in to the origins of National Bird Day there is of course a serious side to it. It’s not all nostalgia about out favourite garden birds but about the threats that so many bird species face. About 12% of the world’s bird species will face extinction in the next century and this includes nearly a third of the world’s parrot population.Party Parrot gift tag Phoenix Trading

National Bird Day is a tool to help educate and inform us all, not just people of the U.S.. We need to know what we can do to protect birdlife in the wild and captivity. Visit NationalBirdDay for more information.

What’s your favourite bird?