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Frequently Asked Questions about Flamingo Paperie

frequently asked questions about Flamingo Paperie

UPDATE – As of June 2023 Flamingo Paperie has closed down. We are delighted to still offer a range of Flamingo Paperie cards at Cards and Gift Wrap as well as many of the same artists work through other suppliers.

If you have any questions about joining my Flamingo Paperie team then you can ask anything directly to me. However, there are a few frequently asked questions about Flamingo Paperie that come up time and again so I thought I’d put them all in one post for you.

My Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Flamingo Paperie.

Are the products still the same quality as Phoenix?

No, I’d say they are even better! We have made our gift wrap thicker and our cards are now all matt textured, which makes them look even more fabulous. The same amazing illustrators are designing our cards as well as new ones each time we launch a new range. We are always looking for more artists too.

Can I make money at this?

Yes! There are two ways to make money, selling and sponsoring.

You make at least 20% on everything you sell. If you buy the stock yourself and sell it you make 30% profit. If you use your free ecommerce website that comes with your starter kit then you make 20% but you don’t have to do any stock handling. Of course you can do a mixture of both online and offline selling.

The other way you can make money is by building your own team of Independent Flamingo Partners. We call this sponsoring. E.g. when you join my team and you sell products I get a bonus from the company for your sales. This doesn’t come from your profit and the sales profit you make is exactly the same as I make on my sales. However I get a ‘sponsor and support’ bonus for helping you grow your business.

How much is it to join your team?

There are three starter packs to choose from at £45, £95 and £200.

What do I get in my starter pack?

Each pack contains a selection of stock, brochures, other sales aids, your public liability insurance and an ecommerce website.

More exactly pack 1, £45, contains 30 cards (worth £60 retail), 25 brochures, 25 promotional leaflets, 1 order pad and 500 personalised address labels, public liability insurance and an ecommerce website.

Pack 2, £95, contains 80 cards (worth £160 retail), 50 brochures, 50 promotional leaflets, 1 order pad and 500 personalised address labels, public liability insurance and an ecommerce website.

Pack 3, £200, contains 200 cards and 5 gift wrap sheets (worth over £400 retail), 100 brochures, 50 promotional leaflets, 1 order pad and 500 personalised address labels, 250 ‘thank you’ business cards, public liability insurance and an ecommerce website.

So each pack is worth more than it costs you and contains everything you need to start your business at whatever level you want to.

Are there targets I have to meet?

No. There are bonuses you can get if you sell a certain amount and if you build a team etc but there is absolutely no requirement from the company for you to do that. If you don’t want to, then don’t. If you want to make more money then you will want to set those targets for yourself but no one else is going to insist that you achieve them. It’s your business, it’s up to you.

What help do I get?

When you join my team I am here to support you in whatever way I can help. You can contact me by email, phone or online at any time and ask for whatever help you need. My team is part of a bigger team too and they are also there to support you. I have a team Facebook group where we have online meetings, people ask questions, share success stories and experiences. I am also developing a set of short videos to help with various topics that crop up frequently. However, it is up to you to make your business work. If you want to grow, ask questions. Of all the team members I’ve had the ones who are most successful with Flamingo are the ones who ask lots of questions!

Can I sell other things alongside Flamingo cards?

Yes absolutely. The great thing I have found about selling cards is that they go extremely well with other products to sell. If you’re selling candles for example, chances are people will be buying gifts and will need a card and gift wrap to go with it. You can offer the complete package!

Where can I sell the cards?

You can sell from your home, to your neighbour, to friends and family, work colleagues.  Or sell at fairs and events. You could take a bag or basket of aards to work or a workplace staff room. Set up a Facebook business page and advertise your cards on there. Or have an online ‘pop up shop’ through your Facebook page. You can have a ‘pop up shop’ (where you take some cards and gift wrap along to show people). Do this in someone’s house, a toddler group or maybe a fundraising event. You can pretty much sell wherever you like. The only exceptions being you can’t sell through an online auction site (e.g. EBay) and you can’t sell to a retail outlet (but you could give them a basket of cards for their staff room).

Isn’t it just a pyramid scheme?

No. Pyramid schemes are illegal in the UK for a start! In a pyramid scheme someone sells something to you and you have to sell it for a higher price and so on until eventually the system cannot sustain itself. In Flamingo everyone buys cards at the same price and sells them at the same price for the same profit. I support you and get a support bonus from the company proportional to your sales but not from your profits. Think of shareholders in a corporate organisation who get bonuses when the workforce bring in extra money. With Flamingo if you sell more you make more profit and your sponsor (the person who’s team you joined) gets a bonus from the company’s profits. There are no shareholders! Unlike a traditional corporation you have the opportunity to earn more by selling more!

How do I join?

The only way to join my team is online here.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered in my frequently asked questions about Flamingo Paperie. Or if you’d like a copy of the full reward plan then please ask me. No question is too small or silly!