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Share the Love Letters

Share the love letters

I have just come across this fabulous movement called share the love letters and am going to join in myself. Think I might even get the kids doing it too. Does it matter if I use Phoenix Trading notepaper? You can find more information at the website, the following is taken from their site.

Wherever you are you can spread some love around the world….

All you need is pen, paper and an envelope…


The concept is simple, you write an anonymous love letter to another human sharing whatever it is you want to tell them. This could be a few lines of encouragement or a longer letter sharing your message from your heart.

You start your message To you… and sign it I Love you or You are Loved… or whatever loving sign off you like… The bit in between is up to you!

On the envelope you write… this is for you, open me…or you can be creative and write something else fun that will encourage a stranger to pick it up…then go leave it out in the world for someone to find.

If we all write a letter each week then we can raise the planet’s vibration to love in unison…

It’s that easy!!!

Join the Love Ambassadors and take part in the anonymous love letter revolution. Write one, find one and help #sharethelove across the globe with this simple act of kindness.

What will you write? Where will you leave your love letters?