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Should you post letters during the Coronavirus pandemic?

should you post letters during the coronavirus pandemic

Over the past few days I’ve seen different, and sometimes very strong, opinions about what to do, or not do, about post. Should you post letters during the Coronavirus pandemic? I think there are reasons to keep posting as well as responsible precautions we can take. These are just my thoughts from a little research and my experience as a card seller for the last 8 years.

Should you post letters during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Should you post letters during the Coronavirus pandemic? Well it could be a way of sending a hug in an envelope
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My short answer is ‘yes’ but with precautions!

During these very strange times of isolation and social distancing a huge portion of our society have been told to stay home. Our over 70s have been advised not to leave the house if at all possible and those with underlying physical health problems have gone in to complete self-isolation for at least 12 weeks.

For some people it’s really tough looking after their mental health at any time. Add to that the pressure of social isolation and it’s even harder. Many of our over 70s live alone. They might be used to regular visits from friends, family, grandchildren and now that has had to stop. A card or letter through the post can really help.

greeting cards boost mental healthResearch carried out in 2013 showed that only 1 in 4 people received a ‘get well’ card during their mental health illness, yet over 80% said it would have had a positive impact.

We need to protect the mental health of our friends, family and neighbours who are in isolation. They may not have a long standing mental health issue but prolonged anxiety and isolation can take its strain. Receiving a card gives a lasting positive impact. The card looks pretty and physically brightens up the room for as long as it’s displayed. The words can be read and re-read. The boost to mental health is a repetitive experience.

Cards shouldn’t replace phonecalls, texts and online video chats but they can significantly boost the positive impact of communication.

What about protecting posties? Isn’t a phonecall enough?

Here I need to repeat the last sentence of the previous paragraph ‘Cards shouldn’t replace phonecalls, texts and online video chats but they can significantly boost the positive impact of communication.’

If you follow the Royal Mail on any of their social media accounts you will have seen that they know only too well the importance of keeping people in touch. In their recent Facebook posts they share updates on new safety measures and repeatedly state things like, “We understand the important role we have to play in helping people to stay connected.”

They have never asked you to stop posting cards and letters.

How can I be sure I’m not spreading the virus?

There are simple steps you can take to make sure you aren’t adding to the crisis. Firstly, if you’re not meant to be leaving the house then don’t! Clearly you won’t be posting letters. But perhaps you have someone dropping off shopping at a safe distance who could collect letters from you to be posted?

sealing waxIf you are licking envelopes and stamps you could consider using a damp sponge instead. No one is really sure how long the virus can survive on paper/stamps etc so until we know more, this could be a sensible precaution. Or have fun with a wax sealing kit.

When posting your mail, observe social distancing. If possible have your mail already stamped so you don’t need to go in to the Post Office. You can buy stamps direct from the Post Office and from online stamp sellers. I personally recommend Philatelink for discounted picture stamps and I sell stamps here. Or stock up next time you go out for the essentials. A plain card and standard letter should take a standard stamp. If in doubt you can check the weight/thickness/postage requirements with the Royal Mail price finder.

Avoid sending parcels if you can so you don’t have to go in to a Post Office branch. If you do need to send a parcel then observe social distancing.

Wash your hands!

  • Before preparing the mail to post – wash your hands.
  • After posting your mail – wash your hands.
  • After opening any mail received – wash your hands.

(Have you got that message?! Wash your hands!)

Is it worth it?

looking after mental healthYes.

If I haven’t got that message across yet then a quick google will give you more evidence that sending cards will boost someone’s mental health.

Our NHS are working hard just now to look after the health of the nation. We can all do our bit to help that and make sure our loved ones stay in good mental health. As the Greeting Card Association says “Send a Card, Deliver a Smile”.

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Thinking of You Week

We all know someone who’s having a tough time. Think of the friend, family member, neighbour or work colleague who is having a rough patch. Perhaps they’ve recently lost a loved one. Maybe their children have left home recently and they’re feeling a bit alone. Or perhaps they are just going through a rough patch where life just isn’t as good as it could be. Maybe you actually don’t know how things are because it’s been too long since you last heard from them. Thinking of You week is a chance to change that. It’s an opportunity to make someone smile in a very simple way; by sending a card.

Thinking of you week

Thinking of You Week

This year, Thinking of You Week runs from the 21st to the 27th September. It’s an intiative that the Greeting Card Association (GCA) started 6 years ago and has grown in popularity and impact with each year. You can be a part of it and it’s really simple!

All you are asked to do is send a card.

In fact, as the GCA puts it, “Send a Card, Deliver a Smile.”

We all know, and science has proved, that receiving a hand written card is really good for mental health. The small effort of taking the time to write a note in a card and pop it in the letterbox means so much to us. To know that someone was thinking about us and wanted us to know we were important enough to them for them to take time out to write a card means so much.

Thinking of You Week Challenge

If you only send one card, that’s great! Do it!

However, if you want to take up my Thinking of You Week Challenge, you could try and send 7 cards to 7 different people. To help, I’ve put together a special offer until the end of September. Choose any 7 every day greeting cards from my Flamingo Paperie catalogue for just £10 (plus postage). If you can’t choose, or want to same time, I’ve picked my top 7 for the occasion.

Email me your selection at or get my Thinking of You Week 7 card pack here.

Thinking of you 2020

Send a Card, Deliver a Smile!

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Thinking of You Week 2015

Send cards to 7 people during the week and make someone smile

11988353_10153109933959290_5541195894422836966_nSending smiles across the miles

Help to create a wave of love, caring and happiness during this special week by harnessing the power of sending and receiving greeting cards.

It’s been scientifically proven that receiving a handwritten card makes people feel much more special than receiving instant texts, emails or Facebook messages. And it feels really good to send them too!

This is all great for everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Cognitive neuroscientist, Dr Lynda Shaw, firmly believes that receiving cards helps to stave off feelings of loneliness and isolation, increases self-esteem and even wards off the early stages of depression.

So let’s all get happy by connecting in this most meaningful way!

What do I do?

Send 7 cards during this week and encourage your friends, colleagues and their families to do the same. Feel free to give them in person or pop one through a neighbour’s letterbox too!

Write a message just to say hello, to tell someone you love them, to make them laugh, be supportive in a time of trouble, wish them better, kiss and make up, or just to say…thinking of you!

Why buy this pack?

By buying this pack you are also supporting others who need to know someone is thinking of them.

£2 from every pack bought will go directly to Hebrides Alpha Project.

At Hebrides Alpha Project, we provide a service for persons aged 18+, seeking to recover from alcohol, drug, mental health or criminal justice related problems and to assist them to become confident, responsible and valued members of the local community. We offer an abstinence based Supported Accommodation service.

Thank you!

For more information about Hebrides Alpha Project contact:

Shona Macleod

Tel. 01851 820830


To order a pack of cards or find out more about Phoenix Trading, contact:

Janet Ross-Jordan, Independent Phoenix Trader

Tel. 01851 870932