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My Isle of Lewis Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

With only 4 weeks till Christmas I’ve been looking at what I can still get that’s handmade by people like myself running a small business. Where better to start than on Etsy. Here is my Isle of Lewis Etsy Holiday Gift Guide! So whether you live on the Isle of Lewis like myself or not, there’s really no need to even leave your sofa to shop local.

I do have a disclaimer to make. I am an Etsy affiliate so if you do click through and make a purchase I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you but my gift guide is made up of things I’ve either bought or want to get myself (hint hint if any friends or family are reading).

My Etsy Holiday Gift Guide


I’ll start with gaelic harris tweed labelsthese gift labels made by a lady I met just this weekend at a craft fairs. So I’ve seen them in the ‘flesh’ so to speak. I was really impressed with how professional they looked and I have to recommend the ones with Harris Tweed and Gaelic on them first.

She makes other ones too and my daughter really fancied the ‘Naughty or Nice’ ones. You might prefer the ‘Time to Drink Champagne‘ ones.

vintage postcard labelsAs I’m in to sending snail mail, I really love the vintage postcards. I think it’s the stamps that do it for me. Postal stamps and Christmas together, what’s not to like?


If you liked the Nollaig Chridheil gift tags then you might like these tree decorations with the same message. These are made by Sarah of Lewisian Nice who also makes beautiful Harris Tweed clocks. My favourite being this one in ‘winter red‘ as it both looks and sounds so homely.

Of course if red isn’t your favourite then there are lots of other colours available, all made from genuine Harris Tweed, hand woven right here in the Outer Hebrides.


When you are putting your feet up and watching the time ticking by on your Harris Tweed clock, you’ll need a subtle, festive aroma to help you unwind and absorb the Christmas spirit. I can personally recommend Megan’s candles from Sandwick Bay Candles and this year’s Christmas trio sound very appealing. Megan works out of her home. Every time I visit there are the most captivating, but in no way over powering, scents unfolding from her workroom.

If you like to take the fragrances with you then Megan also makes travel tins and car diffusers. Both make perfect stocking fillers.


Talking of stockings, you’re going to need a good one to put all these delights in and I have found the perfect one from Sewing Room with a View. Genuine Harris Tweed stockings that won’t ladder or let you down. Sallie also makes beautiful Harris Tweed clothing for when you’re looking for something exclusive and extra special.

So now you’re all set. You’ve got the stocking, the tree decorations, the gifts and even the tags. And you didn’t even need to leave your sofa, let alone the Outer Hebrides!

I hope you like my Etsy holiday gift guide from the Isle of Lewis. If you know of other Etsy shops from here that I haven’t mentioned do let me know. You can leave a note in the comments below.

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How to Gift Wrap an Oil Rig

Just a few weeks ago an oil rig, the Transocean Winner, beached on the Isle of Lewis, here in the Western Isles where I live.

Interestingly I grew up on the Black Isle where we are used to seeing lots of oil rigs in the Cromarty Firth but this oil rig is the first squint, or leaning, oil rig I’ve ever seen.

There was much consternation when it washed up about keeping people away from it. Oil rigs aren’t seen often in the Outer Hebrides. Some said there was a fear that someone could put their hand on it and claim salvage – but what would you do with an oil rig? Christmas present? And if so – how would you wrap it?!

So I gift wrapped an oil rig!

…and if you can gift wrap an oil rig – especially a squint one, then I figure you can gift wrap just about anything!

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve gift wrapped? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Thank you

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Charity Christmas Cards Supporting Local Charity

The Nativity Stable Phoenix Trading Charity Christmas Cards

I am proud to make a donation each year from a proportion of all Christmas cards sold to Western Isles Cancer Care Initiative (WICCI). A minimum of 10% is donated each year. Throughout the year I also support WICCI supplying them with stickers, paper tape and stationery items for their fabulous rainbow care boxes.

I also attend local craft fairs in the run up to Christmas and there is usually a fee or percentage donation from these sale to local charities and organisations.

Past Christmas donations

Every year Flamingo Paperie donated 1p for each of its charity Christmas cards it produced via the Phoenix International Charity. This in turn supported Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer ResearchTogether for Short Lives and lots of local charities that we Flamingo Paperie Partners got to nominate.

In 2016 my nominated charity Hebrides Alpha Project received £150 from the Phoenix International Charity. The Hebrides Alpha Houseing project provides supported accommodation for people recovering from alcohol, drug, mental health or crimal justice related issues.

Over the past few years Laxdale Cubs and Beavers invited me several times to help them raise money for their nominated charities. Because of this, I thought it was time to give them something in return. So I nominated them as my local charity for 2017. I’ve already donated £100 from your Christmas card orders this year.

I was also really privileged in early December 2017 to support a coffee afternoon in memory of a family friend. From Christmas card sales that afternoon I gave £50 towards Cancer Research UK.

snowman and hedgehog honor ayresFlamingo Paperie charity Christmas cards – look good, are good and do good!

Click here to buy your cards now and support some great causes.

The 1p donation by Flamingo Paperie was unusual for card publishers. This is not the same as the usual charity donation on Christmas cards that retailers give. Flamingo Paperie are effectively the wholesaler in this case. It’s unusual for a wholesaler to make a charity donation on cards.

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