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The Gift Bag

I’ve seen lots of different ways to make a gift bag but this is the most simple but effective one I’ve found.Christmas gift bag wrapping craft

Making it also holds the basis for wrapping a standard gift parcel and making it look just that little bit neater than usual.

Gift Bag Guide

  1. Lay out your gift wrap and box
  2. Fold over the leading edge by 1cm
  3. Fold the leading edge to align with the far corner of the box
  4. Crease the fold along the near corner edge
  5. Fold in the second side and crease
  6. Apply double sided tape to the leading edge and seal
  7. Fold down top edge and fold in the sides
  8. Turn in the bottom edge to match the diagonal folds
  9. Apply double sided tape and seal up
  10. Press all edges along the box, to give firm creases
  11. Gently remove the box
  12. Carefully pinch the edges to form the sides of the bag
  13. Fold over the top by 3cm and then fold again
  14. Place the ribbon around the bag, keeping the ribbon straight
  15. Tie a bow at the top, and rearrange the bow to the front


It does make a big difference if you use quality wrapping paper, please don’t buy the cheap stuff as it will just rip!

If you’d like to know more about wrapping ideas do get in touch. I do gift wrapping workshops all year round.

Download this gift bag guide now.

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2 thoughts on “The Gift Bag

  1. Gift wrapping is an artful and thoughtful way to present a gift to someone special. It is not merely a practical task of concealing the contents, but an opportunity to express creativity, thoughtfulness, and anticipation. The act of wrapping a gift goes beyond the tangible item inside; it adds an extra layer of excitement and delight to the overall gifting experience.

    1. That’s a beautiful way to put it – especially if you make the gift bag yourself, or take time to wrap the contents, even in some coordinating tissue paper in a bought gift bag.

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