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World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day

It’s not surprising that when most of the 18 species of penguins live in cold, icy parts of our Southern Hemisphere that we often think of penguins at Christmas time. World Penguin Day is a chance to learn more about these feathered, flightless wonders and how they can inspire us all year round.

Penguins have some endearing qualities that make them great for cards and gifts.

Penguin Found You Valentines Shakies card

Penguins mate for life.

They can recognise each other’s smell. When you consider that the largest penguin colony in the world is located in Antarctica and has over 1.5 million Adelie penguins – that’s quite some smell! But their commitment to each other makes them the perfect subject of a gift for a loved one.

Penguin Proposals!

Penguins have a unique way of proposing – by presenting a pebble to their future (hopefully) mate.

They have also been known to propose to inanimate objects, such as a cardboard cutout!

We have some rather cuter ideas, like this penguin in a matchbox.

70 King Penguin card

King or Emperor?

Emperor Penguins are the tallest, reaching heights of 4 feet (probably taller than you thought). The King penguin is slightly smaller at just over 3 feet.

The longest living penguins only reach 30 years but we still think this 70 card is adorable!


These penguin stickers were indeed put together for a Christmas subscription box.

But they are too cute not to include here.

Penguin stickers

Build your own penguin

If you’re a true penguin fan then you’ll want to build your own penguin!

Here’s mine. He makes a great model too, often modelling the sun hats that my daughter makes and sells in my shop in the summer

Of course there’s a serious side to World Penguin Day. Like many animals penguins are extremely vulnerable to climate change. You can adopt your own penguin and help WWF monitor their status and support campaigns to ensure they continue to inspire us for years to come.

Happy World Penguin Day, I hope it’s slightly warmer than Antartica where you are!

Janet x

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