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10 good reasons to join Flamingo Paperie

10 good reasons to join flamingo paperie

Here are 10 good reasons to join Flamingo Paperie today…

My favourite reason is that Flamingo Paperie is totally flexible with no pressure to meet any targets. It’s really my business, my way.

Getting started

Choosing which starter pack really depends how you want to run your business. Will you be mainly selling your stock, then maybe starter pack 3. If you’re mainly going to do online then perhaps starter pack 1. If you’re thinking of a bit of both then perhaps pack 2. If you’re not sure, get in touch and we can brainstorm what’s right for you and your start up budget.

  • Each pack starts you off with extra profit to get you going.
  • Even the smallest pack contains plenty brochures to hand out.
  • Every pack includes a personalised website that is activated as soon as you join, even before your pack arrives!
  • Every pack includes a year’s public liability insurance if you’re thinking of selling at craft fairs etc.

From over 40% profit on Pack 1 to over 50% profit on Pack 3 plus a £20 bonus on Pack 3 each pack has been designed to kick start your card business.

Want to know more?

Then fill in your details with any questions you have and I’ll be happy to answer them. No question is too small or silly!

In case you needed reminding 10 good reasons to join Flamingo Paperie are:

1 PRODUCT: Exclusive!

2 PRICE: Unbeatable!

3 REWARDING: It’s great to do something fun and worthwhile and earn money at the same time!

4 A HUGE MARKET: Greeting cards are the ultimate consumable

5 FREE ONLINE WEBSITE: We set you up with a full ecommerce website where you can market online.

6 GENUINE REPEAT BUSINESS: In the UK, we send over 33 cards per head of population per year.

7 EASY TO SELL: There are many different ways our Partners reach their customers.

8 DEPENDABLE COMPANY: Established in 2017.

9 EASY PARTNER REWARD PLAN: There is absolutely no pressure to achieve targets.

10 A CHOICE OF THREE FABULOUS DISCOUNTED STARTER PACKS: You couldn’t get a better head start.

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